mental health & peak performance under pressure.

  • Presentations & Trainings for companies
  • Keynote Speaker, Motivational and Stress Coach
  • Multiple world champion with 22 world records

Tom ist known from

Top performance starts in the head. The key to mental strength in any situation

Tom provides insights into the mental aspects of human performance.

As a multiple world champion and motivation expert, Tom Sietas changes perspectives. His presentations inspire business leaders and teams to uncover hidden potential and harness it for the long term. Using scientifically based methods, he shows how to manage your energy during periods of stress to stay healthy and productive and achieve peak performance even under pressure.

Knowing how to leverage unimagined potential.

Using examples from his sports career and practical exercises, Tom shows which principles have helped him to achieve success and how these can be transferred to crucial processes and situations in life. He sees optimal management of physical, mental and emotional energy as the key competence for sustainable success.

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Long Breath

How you stay energized and motivated in challenging times

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Under Pressure

How you optimize your peak performance under pressure 

Captivating, inspiring and authentic

Tom Sietas presents a unique blend of entertainment and expertise. With a humorous touch, profound content and a professional demeanor, he inspires people and leaves lasting impressions that will be remembered for a long time.

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Everything at a glance

Inspiring impulse lectures - humor and strong content


No empty words, no pretending

Strong storytelling

Vivid and impressive examples from extreme sports

Scientifically based

Current state of research presented in an appealing way

Clear and understandable

Rhetoric that matches the audience

Digital Keynote

Lecture also possible in best quality via video conference

Digital Keynote

Lecture also possible in best quality via video conference

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