Long Breath

The pressure on your company and your workforce is high?
Digitization and global crises have led to increasing complexity and permanent changes which is causing lot of stress in your teams?
You want to ensure that your employees stay healthy and motivated?


Then I would like to support you.

I will be happy to show you and your employees methods that help you to stay calm and not lose your positive energy despite high stress levels.
In my impulse lecture "Long Breath" you will learn how to use your mental and physical energy strategically and how to recover 100% in regeneration phases. In addition, you will learn effective breathing and mental techniques with which you can regulate your emotions even in critical situations and thus remain healthy and efficient.


Everything at a glance

Inspiring impulse lectures - humor and strong content


No empty words, no pretending

Strong storytelling

Vivid and impressive examples from extreme sports

Scientifically based

Current state of research presented in an appealing way

Clear and understandable

Rhetoric that matches the audience


Impulses can be implemented immediately in everyday life

Digital Keynote

Lecture also possible in best quality via video conference

"His ability to educate through storytelling is unmatched and the practical results within our team have been more than convincing."

Alexander Graf, CEO Spryker

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