Teneriffa Retreat

Breathe, Relax, Heal (28.3.-2.4.24)

House 2

6 days of deep relaxation - experience total inner peace and an intense contact with yourself. Feel a positive energy that will increase your health and performance.

Our daily work with Tom's meditation technique initiates a process that can change your life. Learn how to control your breath, thoughts and emotions to follow your inner compass and stay calm even in difficult situations.

Get the key to understanding how your breath can change everything. Let Tom and "Mike Maher" - breathwork instructor trainer and host of the Take-A-Deep-Breath podcast guide you through different modalities of breathwork, from the Buteyko technique to circular breathing!

LEARN TECHNIQUES that have been proven to...

- reduce stress immediately

- heal the nervous system

- strengthen the immune system

- restore the body's ability to recover from anxiety

- generate insight and transcendent experiences


- records of the lectures and guided sessions

- discounts for all future events

- specially created breathing music for your exercises at home

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