Beginner Workshop

You have heard a lot about freediving and finally want to try it yourself?
Welcome to my beginner workshop. In a half-day event I teach important basic knowledge for freediving, such as relaxation techniques and safety rules. In the pool you will then have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge you have acquired about time and distance diving.


Corfu / Paleokastritsa

A 7-day workshop you won't forget. The rocky northwest coast of Corfu invites us to explore reefs rich in fish and species, as well as to explore together beautiful caves, grottos and breakthroughs. Our program includes morning warm-up with freediving specific yoga and stretching exercises, intensive theory and practical time diving instruction, deep diving sessions, and fun dives.
And there is still room for individual excursions.


Mental Techniques

It is impossible to say exactly how great the influence of our psyche is on our performance. What can be said with certainty, however: The influence is huge.
In this 2-day workshop with intensive theory and practice sessions, you'll learn how to use mental techniques to block out unpleasant feelings and even excruciating pain, and to motivate yourself to train for the long haul.


Static Apnoe

Those who seriously try to hold their breath for a long time quickly make great progress - but usually after a few weeks or months the first plateau occurs. Somehow it does not go further.
In this event we will find solutions (breathing technique, mental technique, diet and other physiological aspects), recommend a concrete preparation and complement it with individual coaching.

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